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What is CENA? How is CENA associated with Westside Ministries? How is CENA impacting Honduras?

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Abraham and Lidia Lozano

Directors of CENA in Honduras


     I attended Sunday service, October 1993, at Communion Baptist Church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. When the service finished, I saw two North American men greeting the people. One I knew but the other one I did not know. My father, Angel Reanos, told me that I should go and be kind and practice my English. As I greeted this American man he said "Hola" in Spanish and I said "Hello" in English. He was so happy to hear someone speak English! He introduced himself to me...he was Roger Blanchard. He told me he would need an interpreter when he came back to Honduras. I told him I would be glad to help him as an interpreter.

     I received a phone call and Mr. Roger said that he was back in Tegucigalpa and he needed my help to translate for him at a church; a team of men had come to do a crusade at a church and to evangelize home to home. The church was Padre Nuestro and the Pastors were Bertulio and Mary Zuniga. I continued as a translator and coordinator for Westside Ministries whenever they returned to Honduras.

     In 1996, I met Abraham Lozano. Abraham came to know Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda and became involved with Westside Ministries. 2 years later, Abraham and I were married by Mr. Roger and he and Mrs. Linda blessed us with being our wedding Godparents. 

     My parents had a property in Lizapa, El Zamorano, which was used for farming and one day Mr. Roger went to visit the property and asked my dad if he could give a little piece of property to build a church. God had additional plans and a Training Facility was built on the property and is legally recognized by the Honduran government and laws with the name Centro de Entrenamiento para las Naciones - CENA, (Training Center for all Nations). A partnership with CLST-Global (Christian Life School of Theology) was formed with Westside Ministries and CENA. The students are taught the Word of God, how to share the Word accurately, how to disciple people in the local churches, and can earn a Bachelor of Theology through the funding of Westside Ministries. We saw the need to have more of their materials translated into Spanish so we made an agreement to translate the syllabus, textbooks, and video the classes in Spanish which would be available for CLST-Global.











     As a family, we are working together, serving our Lord. Our daughter, Nataly, is involved with the praise team, playing guitar, and translating for team members from the States when they come to Honduras. Our son Abraham, plays the drums and has an evangelistic heart. God has been faithful and has supported us in every aspect of our lives. We know we are in the right place serving our Lord Jesus. God is good!





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